One For All

One For All

What to do when a family home only has one bathroom? (And you’ve ruled out adding a second bath). Maximize the wow factor and make sure there is lots of room.

How We Did It

Thankfully, we had a big footprint to work with. The original built-in vanity was long but held only a single basin. Even though it was almost 80″ long, there was insufficient storage and impractical counter space. We installed a 60″ ready-assembled vanity with shaker style cabinet box topped with marble over two undermount sinks. Weighing in at just over 300lbs, this is definitely not a single person job.

A six-light fixture with scalloped shades echoed in other parts of the home created a solid header to tie together the individual mirrors above each basin. By leaving space at either side of the vanity, as well as using a cabinet frame that is less deep than the original vanity, spaciousness is created as both an illusion and reality. There really is more floor space in front of the vanity, allowing for one person to pass behind another, and the built-in drawers provide more organized storage than previously found in the larger vanity.

The Wow Factor

Building on the colour scheme of layers of grays throughout the home, the medium toned gray vanity and the polished white tile with gray veined marble gives the bathroom a distinct look that is also cohesive with the rest of the house. The twin bevelled glass mirrors and scalloped light fixture give a nod to 1950’s Hollywood glam style, and the delicate orchid on the counter add interest to the cool colour combinations.  The large format floor tile, 12×24, in the timeless finish of carrera marble keep the overall look of the room fresh and spacious.

Soak It All In

The original tub, surround, and brass glass sliding door were all completely removed. A new fiberglass tub was surrounded by white subway tile and highlighted with glass mosaic tiles. The extra deep tub will provide a better soaking experience than the previous tub. The ceiling in the tub/shower area was painted the same gray wall colour for a softer cozier feel.

Where We Got It

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