About us

The Jim Ostler Contracting Team started working together over 30 years ago when Maggie would go to work with her dad, Jim, and “mud the screws”. Though their career paths took different directions, construction has always been a father-daughter connection, and with the addition of Maggie’s husband Mike, who brings his own considerable management and renovation background, the time has come to put this team together to deliver excellent home improvement services.


So, when it comes time for your family’s project, you can trust our family to do the job.


In his role as Chief Life Balance Officer, Doug reminds the team to get lots of exercise (walks / ball chases), eat regularly (treats), and make sure to get enough sleep (naptime).


Whether starting a fresh project or wrapping one up, Mike knows the importance of keeping the client up to speed. From start to finish Mike is your “go-to” on all things communication.


A background in property management means managing projects from small clean ups to full renovations, where time is literally money. Maggie ensures projects stay on time and on budget.

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